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Friday 13. Monaco

Friday 13. Monaco

May. Friday. 13. Monaco

Wedding of Alexander and Lada

This wedding- is one of the most beautiful and unusual in my life.

There were no guests, only HE and SHE, and whole world just for two!

We met with bright and groom only once- two weeks before the planning a wedding. Meeting was in one of the Moscow restaurant on 30th of April. 

The first question they asked was: “We are planning registration in Monaco, and it is necessarily should be on Friday 13th of May. Can you organize it?”

We agreed!


The task was:

- Monaco

- Only together

- Registration in a blooming garden( popular places, for example Villa de Rothschild, do not offer)

- Videographer, who will make a movie about wedding, in which there is a mystery, - 2 photographers, absolutely different, in order to show different views to wedding

- Luxury yacht

- Fireworks on the water, located in a beautiful harbor

- Gastronomic dinner on a yacht

- Worthy car

- Stay in the best hotel

- Extension of the event and shooting in the next two days after wedding in a beautiful city+ helicopter flight (certain color :)

- Décor of peonies and white orchid

- Very important, the presence  of two rabbits at the wedding registrationJ


We dealt with absolutely all tasks, although in such short time, is very difficult to do it in Monaco.

Starting with the fact, that in this region is almost impossible to find a large blooming garden for registration, and as well, as requested by Alexander, the place should be not "modern', completely new, and unknown.

Botanical Garden was chosen on the Italian territory and not far from Monaco. Another story was about taking an agreement with the Italians :) We were pioneers, there was no wedding before on the territory of this park :)

We picked up the best photographers for this task.

Aleksand Nozdrin (Moscow), Michael Greenberg (Canada)

Alexander Chernov (Novosibirsk) was chosen as a videographer, with whom we worked on the idea of ​​the final video.

Especially, to find and order to this country right amount of peonies and orchids was a difficult task.

Yachts, helicopters, cars, fireworks were a simple task compare to legal permission  for official registration for such a short time, it was so difficult because  in our country during preparation for the May holidays, whole country in a very long rest.

We did impossible things and created an extraordinary celebration for this lovely couple.


The photos will tell much more about this wedding.

And Mikhail Grinberg 

And also a movie made by Alexander Chernov

Our agency pays special attention to the preparations of the wedding photo and video shooting. We look over all courts and areas, think on how the sun will fall during registration time and other important events, rehears registrations, where we are inviting whole team. Because of this, many of our wedding projects win prizes in the world. This time we also took second place in the most prestigious world competitions.

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Organizer- Fateful weddings “Wedding VIP” www.wedding-vip.ru (Moscow city), under the guidance of Daria Bikbaeva.