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1 + 1 = DVA – this simple formula is the basis of the concept of wedding. DVA –are the first letters of the names and the surnames of newlyweds - Vyacheslav and Arina. 1 + 1 - is the joining of two hearts and two completely opposite styles and two courts.

All guests were invited to the roof top of a luxury hotel Ritz Carlton, where was spent a fabulous ceremony with amazing view to the Kremlin tout ensemble. Nobody knew that the banquet, second party, will be in the factory loft 19.0.5. Such contrasts filled up the wedding - a magnificent flower / crystal decor was complemented by the simple vegetables and fruits. Huge letters, with important phrases for the newlyweds, were as a decoration of the walls inside loft. Parents picked up the guitar and sat down at the piano and drum set. After their song “All you need is Love” the audience was amazed. Arina and Slava made surprises for each other, and even adults was crying, and videos from friends and grandmothers kept everyone on toes. Unusual and unique wedding dress was sewed by mother of the bride. Ten meters of natural textile, thousands of mounted gems and 3 months of daily work were spent to create a masterpiece.

This wedding has surprised even the most sophisticated people, because every detail was carefully planned and filled up with wow emotion.

More details about the wedding and the Arina`s comment you can read here:

Our wedding, very often - is a process of crossing the distances. The groom can live in one country, the bride – in another, and their parents - in the third one. Teams also coming to work on project from different cities. We are united by Skype, messages in social networks and very rare meetings. Arina`s and Slava`s wedding was not an exception - Barcelona, Moscow, Kazan, Vladivostok, Athens is only part of the cities participating in the project.

Bride Arina:

First of all, we had not enough time for preparation – only 2 months. Secondly, we were very demanding in everything concerning wedding: everything had to be perfect and exclusively.

Before the meeting with the organizer, we watched a huge number of thematic magazines and Internet sites, searching for the starting ideas for our wedding. But we didn`t like anything! We are faced with the fact that the majority of weddings very typical and because of this they are not interesting at all: banquet halls, chairs with white covers, obtrusive presenters and simple entertainments. And the most important thing we didn`t like the decor and color spectrum of the most weddings. We didn`t want “sweet” wedding: I always thought that especially groom looking ridiculous in this peach-pink magnificence. We don`t want a wedding in the style of "Tiffany" or "The Great Gatsby," we don`t want a wedding in any style. We want to create our own world that reflects us and our vision. In life we ​​like eclectic, so we decided to make the eclectic wedding: a combination of incongruous things.

Wedding VIP

To find place for this wedding was a challenge. Eclectic and no banality -principal criteria we were able to satisfy, combining together two very contrasting places. The ceremony was held on the roof top of a luxury hotel Ritz Carlton with a view to the Red Square, and dinner was in an authentic factory loft. The concept of decoration and floristics was born in a way to go away from the traditional colors of the wedding, and in an attempt to combine the classic of the Ritz and authentic of the loft.


complex and rich colors, antique brickwork of the loft and crystal chandeliers, floral tablecloth, vases with fruits and vegetables (in colors of the wedding) on the tables instead of  traditional flower compositions, modern furniture, lots of flowers and greenery, huge symbolic phrases on the walls, soft light . It is very important that the organizers and decorators sensitively caught our ideas and suggestions and they were on the same wavelength with us, so the creation of the image has surpassed even very brave expectations.

Wedding VIP

Mother of the Bride – is known designer Katya Borisova, created for Arina unusual dress, and for Slava - an elegant suit. It is really a unique case! Mother sewed a masterpiece worthy the best fashion museums, and as well priceless family heirloom.


To create a dream dress, it took: three months of daily manual work, 20 meters of silk, 40 meters of mesh, 10 thousands of stones. For Slava we chose a classic black tuxedo, strictly following all the rules: one week we spent for searching knotted bow-tie. Slava looked great, tuxedo sat perfectly, and this is the most valuable thing in the suit. The rings we chose Cartier Love collection, we have two identical rings. We liked it immediately.

Wedding VIP

We are paying attention not only to the visual part of the event, but also to emotions. Many surprises have been created for this event. Parents of the bride and groom were united in VIA and performed the song "All you need is love", but with the author's text, friends from different cities and countries were filmed music videos, grandmother baked large loaf «Karavai» which was awarded to newlyweds at the wedding.

Arina played the piano «Love story», and for the Slava we took such a touching declaration of love to Arina, which made crying even us.

Especially for this wedding the author song was written, "Slava and Arina," which became the main musical motive of this magical day. And, of course - the culmination – video of the wedding, mounted on this day and shown at the end of the evening. It was a hit!

A delicious, designer cake, which soared in the air, did not remain anyone indifferent.


Except presenter and musical group, we do not want any conventional artists. Participation of all our family, made the wedding so emotional and touching, because everyone was a participant of what was happening. Furthermore, this talented congratulations will be with us the whole life!

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Of course, in preparation for the wedding, people who involved in process are playing the main role. The results depends on their professionalism and taste. We were lucky, we were surrounded by real professionals in their field: the wedding was perfectly done. All guests were delighted, but most important, that we had wedding that we wanted.

Fateful weddings “Wedding VIP”


Organizer of luxury weddings Daria Bikbaeva 

Concept artist Elena Zotova

Photographers: Andrey Bogdanov, Ekaterina Belyakova, Lida Smirnova

Video- Kinocompany 8 1/2

Decor FLO-MASTER studio, Princess Klementinka (Vladivostok) & Flowerbazar (Moscow)

Brand dresses  – Katya Borisova (Kazan)

Brand groom`s suite – Katya Borisova(Kazan)

Brand of rings- Cartier Love collection

Place of the ceremony- The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow

Banquet - LOFT 19.0.5

Catering- "Parad Catering" Москва

Stylist Marina Matveeva