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Anya and Danya or ...

Anya and Danya or ...

Or the story of a superb wedding or how to in not expensive, but very soulful and fun way to plan the wedding. Annie - my beloved and very respected wedding photographer. Danil - a lawyer.

It is impossible not to love them.

This amazing how these two people are alike each other. When together, and they are together almost all the time, you can hear very clearly how, as in unison their hearts are beating. The phrase, started by one of them is being picked up and continued by another, when the phone rings, almost all the time you can hear Annie's voice from Dannie's phone, their hands are always in a very touching interlacement, and you don't really understand where Anya begins and where Danya ends.

I am very envious of myself, because I am a friend of these "two" and I was lucky enough to create the most important, touching and magical for them day - the day when they said "Yes!"

Let's start from afar.


Kazan. Winter. About six months before the day.

We were meeting, dreaming, planning steps, viewing inspirational pictures, waiting for the snow to melt so we could select the location for the coolest wedding of 2010. According to the first project there should be a part of a wooden wall with a door, the altar made of wooden piles, seats for guests and a carpet made of straw, all inthe middle of a field. In a small notebook, which was supposed to fit all the thoughts and costs of the fete, Danya carefully outlined everything that was important and necessary.


Kazan. Spring. Approximately 3 months prior to the celebration.

Fashion House of Katya Borisova.

Kate - is such a talent!

Seeing Annie, she said the words, that marked the beginning of this extraordinary wedding style: "I have a dream to sew a JEANS wedding dress for you!".

And here we go ....

Jeans were being collected from all over the world. Wedding video invitation "Give Jeans" became a bestseller, was being watched hundreds of times, was shared a lot, and most importantly, all of the guests realized that they must prepare!

Kazan. Summer. One month before the already fixed date.

Recieved text message 12.07.2010 00:13 "Dannie is with a plaster for four weeks. The big one..."

And so on the fragile Anya's shoulders there fell a limping, but a very loving fiance. Notebook migrated in a huge lists of "to do's" in electronic form and there was a very great temptation not to do everything that planned.


One week before the date...

List of "to do's" only increases, and not a lot of "done" is being added. A major problem in the period of severe drought is to find hay.

The situation was saved by the general meeting of friends and girlfriends, each of which took on a piece of the horrifying list. And everything just happened, hay was miraculously was given by Elsa's dad, door signs, wooden roundels, the altar and lots of other things were sawed and beat by Dani's dad, girlfriends were glueing, cutting and sewing, burning with hot sugar, drawing, etc. etc.


13.08.10 Friday and this has much to say!

The morning of Anya and Danya began with a trip to the Registry Office - an organization initially scaring with the word "marriage". Early in the morning, quietly, their union was registered!

The morning for me and Elsastarted with working on the location. We were working on the wedding design. Now all that has been created and brought to the place, had to be built, hang, nail, dig, place, bind, spread and fix.

Meanwhile, Daniel receives the video invitation from Anya, according to which he should come to the cinema theater "World". In the "World" (literally and figuratively) there was a surprise - a stunning short film by Anya.

It is a masterpiece, shot by Dilara Vagapova, it is getting directly into the heart of everyone who sees this film. Well, our Dannie had to be brought back to life after such a surprise.

Friends and girlfriends - they should be given a separate paragraph. Once again, I want to say that everyone spared no effort to help the wedding day and night. All the meetings during preparation were soaked with love and true strong and very reliable friendship. During over 20 years of experience I have not met even once such participation and attitudes of friends. And even the appearance says a lot: white T-shirts with the inscription "Anya + Danja", jeans and sneakers that they were painting with paint spray. There are glass jars with wildflowers in the hands of the girls, carefully wrapped in wrapping paper. Boys differed by white berets and funky glasses.

Waiting for Anya, all guests were practicing a dance to the song of Daniel. It's impressive when the groom has so big and unite corps de ballet!

And here comes The Hour! Guests, waiting for a miracle, distributed between haystacks and fanned themselves with fans made of pictures of Ani and Dani (handmade, night shift).

And there a festive marriage registration begins:

The first to come were groomsmen, then Danya, followed by bridesmaids, and then..... well then everyone jumped to their feet, white door opened and Anya, in a mind-blowing jeans wedding dress, accompanied by her dad came into her dream - a dream conceived long before moment. Entering into a fairy tale is very exciting, especially when you are - the bride, and there by the altar waiting for you is - the one and only ever loved forever!

Vows of the bride and groom - is another story. Every time both groom and bride are very carefully writing words, crossing out, searching the Internet, they have to be sure to find exactly what their significant one needs to hear on this day. But this wedding was a small miracle - Anya and Danya, not knowing what each of them prepared, had exactly the same, word for word vows! That's how it is!

Then they signed up on a magical piece of paper "I agree. Danya. I agree. Anya." and the wedding began.....

What happened next is very difficult to call a feast - "America's Got Talent", I think would cease to exist after visiting this exciting spectacle.

The song of the groom with a dance where everybody took part, endless surprises from the guests, dance of the parents (they were preparing costumes and rehearsing a real rock'n'roll for a month), the song of the bride featuring Murakami band, wedding video, that makes you laugh to tears and sob, not hiding happiness, wedding dance that Daniel finally learned, even in a cast!

I hope that all this and many more moments, will be warming our hearts for a long time, with the power of love and happiness of these two wonderful people.

Or, as Sergey, helping us with the screen on that day said, "They're different! EVERYONE here is different!"

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